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Photo of healthy Murrary River

Voices for the Murray-Darling is an alliance of groups and community members—both from the Basin and metropolitan Australia—who are concerned that Australia’s lifeblood, the Murray-Darling Basin, is severely degraded by decades of over-use of water. This year, the alliance wants to see this problem addressed through the development of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

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No future on a dead river.

The final Murray-Darling Basin Plan is likely to be introduced in federal parliament later this year. This is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make our rivers healthy. Our leaders should act in the national interest and only support a Basin Plan which is based on credible science which guarantees to restore the Murray-Darling Basin. This year we are speaking up for our rivers – at public meetings and events, in the media, and to our leaders.

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Healthy Murray-Darling

Photo of healthy Murray River.

We all depend on our country’s lifeblood the Murray-Darling, and it is in our national interest to protect it. The recent rains and floods have brought some respite to the river, but the Murray-Darling needs a sustainable water use plan before the next drought. The draft Basin Plan failed the key tests for a healthy river. The final Basin Plan which is currently being developed must deliver what a healthy river needs.

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